Surface pretreatment

Chemical and electrochemical surface pre-treatment

Surface pre-treatment prior to polishing, cold, forming, electroplating, galvanizing or paint coating as:

  • separate equipment
  • or as a part of the surface pre-treatment lines

We provide processes plants for:

  • cleaning & degreasing (chemical, electrolytic, ultrasonic)
  • pickling of steel, non-ferrous metal, light metal and their alloys
  • phosphating (zinc and multi-cationic, iron phosphating)
  • aluminium pre-treatment (chromate treatment, non-chromate conversion coatings)
  • stripping of paint, metal and alloy coatings

We deliver:

  • complete dipping lines and PT-Tanks
  • part of automatic surface treatment lines
  • pretreatment by spraying or/and dipping

Industrial cleaning machines

We supply:

  • machines for industrial cleaning and degreasing ev. including phosphating or passivation
  • cleaning machines by means of spraying, dipping and ultrasonic
  • designed as one box machines or multi-stage machines

We deliver:

  • continuous cleaning machines
  • chamber batch cleaning machines
  • rotation washing machines
  • spraying chambers
  • immersion table machines