Paint shops

Paint coating represents one of the oldest and most common method of surface protection and its processes are used in many production facilities. Surface of the material is coated with water based, solvent based or powder like coating material. This material forms a protective layer which prevents oxidation of base material thus extending the life of a product.

Paint coating quality is one of the key factors of final product quality.

We deliver:

  • Table and floor paint booths
  • Section paint booths
  • Paint booths for car repair services
  • Powder coating booths
  • Ventilation units
  • Paint booths accessories

Continuous spray painting lines are suitable for high productivity, high capacity requirements and for high throughputs of same or similar parts.

Our spray painting lines allways comply to customer's demands.

Spray painting lines mostly consist of these three parts:

  • Surface pretreatment section - To achieve the highest quality of paintwork, the surface of goods has to be pretreated. Pretreatment helps to increase adhesivity of paint to surface. During pretreatment we degrease the surface, remove paint, impurities and metalic scales. There are also possibilities of pickling, phosphating and many more afterwards.
  • Painting section - We deliver technologies for water, organic or powder based coating materials. Paint can be applied automatically or manually. Painting section consists of paint boxes or paint booths, which are equipped with filtration systems.
  • Final treatment section - Final treatment section serves to harden the paint coated layer. Therefore volatilization tunnels, dryers and heat ovens are used.

Transportation between each section can be solved by one of many transportation system.

  • designed with dry filtration system – series USB – the booths are equipped with triple filtration system with possibility of extension using active carbon caskets
  • designed with water screen filtration – series TURBODYNACLEAN – the booths are equipped with water tank for separation system and sedimentation of the paint over-sprays; it operates without any circulation pump and does not require intensive maintenance
  • booths of both types are suitable for painting of small or large parts using different painting methods
  • depending on booth size operation can be used by one or two workers
  • all booth types can be used in continuous paint lines with overhead conveyers

Section paint booths

  • used mainly for painting of large parts
  • design provides booths with closed ceiling – especially for spraying and drying modes, or booths with open ceiling enabling manipulation with parts by means of cranes
  • over-spray paint is eliminated on dry filtration system – floor or lateral types, eventually on water screen filtration
  • depending on available area, the booths are designed as a sheet-metal panel constructions or integrated into the existing building however always equipped with air circulation system with possibility of heat recovery 

Paint booths for car repair services

  • designed for car body painting of passenger cars or smaller trucks and vans including painting of their parts
  • designed in a sheet-metal panel constructions or integrated into the existing building with dry filtration system placed in the floor or side panels
  • equipped with air circulation system which enables operation mode for painting/drying

Powder coating booths

  • booths are designed in a modular system with its basic part powder booth KAPR1
  • painting guns are either electrokinetic or electrostatic types with high voltage generator
  • workplace usually includes powder baking oven

Accessory equipment

  • volatilization tunnels – used for evaporation of residual organic agents after painting before drying off
  • dryers with transport system – roller conveyers, stick conveyers, floor conveyers etc.

Paint booths and boxes are equipped with separation system. Separation system serves to catch oversprays. Separation systems are desing according to performance of device and volume of oversprays.

Wet separation

Wet separation system is suitable mainly for high performance and large volume of oversprays. Oversprays are catched upon water screen and then transported into water tank, where they sediment. These oversprays can be used further in painting process. Our wet separation system doesn't use any pumps, therefore the system is almost maintenance-free. 

Dry separation

Dry separation system is suitable for low performance and small amount of oversprays. Our dry separation systems are equipped with three stage filtration system. This system can be equipped with active carbon cartridges for further air cleaning.

Transportation systems serves to transport goods in the line. Transportation systems can be manualy or motor drive. Where manual drive is suitable for small and light goods and motor drive is suitable for large and heavy.

There are several transportation systems according to location of tracks

  • Overhead
    • Single-track chain conveyor
    • Power&Free conveyor
  • Floor type
  • Table - roller conveyor

Our portfolio includes paint shop accessories:

  • Degreasing boxes
  • Paint preparation units
  • Setting tunnels
  • Dryers and heat ovens

We also deliver numerous environmental solutions

  • Active carbon caskets into table and floor paint booths USB
  • Active carbon caskets into floor filtration of section paint booths
  • Filtration chamber with active carbon caskets as completion of air circulation ventilation unit
  • Flotation apparatus
  • Thermal incinerators

Chemical and electrochemical surface pre-treatment

Surface pre-treatment prior to polishing, cold, forming, electroplating, galvanizing 
or paint coating as:

  • separate equipment
  • or as a part of the surface pre-treatment lines

We provide processes plants for:

  • cleaning & degreasing (chemical, electrolytic, ultrasonic)
  • pickling of steel, non-ferrous metal, light metal and their alloys
  • phosphating (zinc and multi-cationic, iron phosphating)
  • aluminium pre-treatment (chromate treatment, non-chromate conversion coatings)
  • stripping of paint, metal and alloy coatings

We deliver:

  • complete dipping lines and PT-Tanks
  • part of automatic surface treatment lines
  • pretreatment by spraying or/and dipping

Industrial cleaning machines

We supply:

machines for industrial cleaning and degreasing ev. including phosphating or passivation

cleaning machines by means of spraying, dipping and ultrasonic

designed as one box machines or multi-stage machines

We deliver:

  • continuous cleaning machines
  • chamber batch cleaning machines
  • rotation washing machines
  • spraying chambers
  • immersion table machines