Dip painting lines

Dip painting is highly economical and ecological way of painting which belongs among the latest surface treatment processes. The main area of application is particularly automotive industry, household appliances, electrical devices, heating radiators, agricultural and construction machines, metal furniture, structural elements etc.

Fulfillment of the highest quality requirements enables an application of electro-dip coating mainly by means of cathodic dip painting. The goal of this process and layer properties makes this method unique.

  • Cycled operating lines feature high flexibility and suitability for lower throughputs, wide range of parts or large dimension parts for treatment.
  • Continuous operating lines using overhead chain conveyor are suitable for high productivity, high capacity requirements and for high throughputs of same or similar parts.

We deliver turn-key delivery systems incl. pretreatment sections, paint ovens, exhaust air treatment, conveyors and manipulation units, control system and process visualization, water treatment and waste water treatment plants.

We deliver lines for:

  • Cataphoretic coating (e-coating, KTL)
  • Anaphoretic coating (ATL)
  • Dip painting

E-coating lines

E-coating lines are highly productive and efficient plants.


We deliver lines for:

  • cataphoretic painting
  • anaphoretic painting

Dip painting lines serves for applying organic and water based paint.

Continuous lines for paint dipping are highly productive. They are suitable for large series of similar goods. Transport of goods is done by over-head either single-track chain conveyor or Power&Free conveyor.

Pretreatment section can be done either by jet spraying or with combination spraying-dipping.

Cycle operated lines are highly flexible and programmable. Cycle operated lines are suitable for large and highly variable sortiment of goods. Transport of goods between baths is managed by transport manipulators as in electroplating lines.

Pretreatment is achieved by dipping.

We deliver numerous solutions to improve effectivity and efficiency of paint coating process and to decrease impact on environment

  • Bath ejector agitation
  • Rinse water saving systems with controlled water flow
  • Oil separation from degreasing baths – separators or microfiltration
  • Sludge removal systems from phosphate baths
  • Paint recyclation with ultrafiltration and cascade rinse
  • Production of demineralized water with reverse osmosis from utlrafiltrate
  • Waste air cleaning with thermal incineration
  • Waste air heat recuperation

Equipment for securing the operation of the line and facilitating the maintenance and control

  • Chemical preparation units
  • Reserve tanks for
    • Pretreatment baths
    • Paint baths
    • Chemicals
  • Automatic additive dosing
  • Demineralization station
    • Ion exchangers
    • Reverse osmosis units
    • Reserve tank for demineralised water
  • Air supply duct-work
  • Backup power supplies

Chemical and electrochemical surface pre-treatment

Surface pre-treatment prior to polishing, cold, forming, electroplating, galvanizing 
or paint coating as:

  • separate equipment
  • or as a part of the surface pre-treatment lines

We provide processes plants for:

  • cleaning & degreasing (chemical, electrolytic, ultrasonic)
  • pickling of steel, non-ferrous metal, light metal and their alloys
  • phosphating (zinc and multi-cationic, iron phosphating)
  • aluminium pre-treatment (chromate treatment, non-chromate conversion coatings)
  • stripping of paint, metal and alloy coatings

We deliver:

  • complete dipping lines and PT-Tanks
  • part of automatic surface treatment lines
  • pretreatment by spraying or/and dipping

Industrial cleaning machines

We supply:

machines for industrial cleaning and degreasing ev. including phosphating or passivation

cleaning machines by means of spraying, dipping and ultrasonic

designed as one box machines or multi-stage machines

We deliver:

  • continuous cleaning machines
  • chamber batch cleaning machines
  • rotation washing machines
  • spraying chambers
  • immersion table machines