Electroplating lines

Galvanizing plants for electrodeposition & electroplating

  • zinc plating incl. post-treatment (chromating, chrom-free passivation and sealing)
  • zinc alloy plating: zinc-nickel, zinc-iron etc. including post-treatment
  • chrome VI-free application
  • zinc multi-plate coatings
  • plastic- and ABS-Electroplating
  • copper plating / deposition
  • chromium plating (decorative, hard chrome plating)
  • nickel plating (dull, pearlescent, satin finish)
  • tin plating and Sn-Pb alloys
  • precious metal plating: gold & gold alloy platting; silver plating etc.
  • aluminium anodising; chemical oxidation of aluminium (decorative, chrome, hard)
  • electrolytic polishing

Electrochemical and chemical plating of printed circuits (PCB)

  • electroplating of copper, tin etc.
  • chemical plating of gold, tin, nickel etc.
  • chemical surface treatment

Chemical surface treatment

  • phosphating: manganese phosphating, thick-coated phosphate
  • metal colouring (metal blackening etc.)
  • passivation, preservation
  • chemical metal plating (electroless nickel, copper and other metals)

We deliver:

  • lines

    • automatic
    • semi-automatic
    • manual / mechanized
  • special electrocoating devices
  • process visualisation and free programms

Rack lines are suitable for larger goods, which can be placed on rack or in basket.

Surface treatment lines for mass processable parts in barrels

  • Single or twin barrels
  • Blowing and rinsing system to save chemicals and rinse water

Centrifuge baskets are suitable for bulk treated small-sized goods. Main advantages are very gentle prats processing, minimal bath out take and high quality of final surface.

For transport we use specialy designed manipulators with tilting vertical axis. Manipulator is equipped with motoric drive for basket rotation in both directions.

Centrifuge baskets are also suitable for final treatment such ass passivation and sealing.

Loading and unloading of the baskets can be done manually or automatically.

Lines with centrifuge baskets are equipped with a cleaning stations for basket cleaning. Therefore the long life-time of baskets is assured.

Carousel lines are very productive plants which are suitable for large series of similar size products. Carousel lines operates in constant steps. Lines can be equipped with barrels or racks.

Different types of transportation manipulators for racks, barrels and baskets in lines

  • Overhead
  • Gantry
  • Lateral
  • With triaxial movement
  • With tilting and rotation axis for centrifuge baskets
  • Carts for movement between lines


  • Drip pans
  • Exhaust booths
  • Spray systems
  • Blow through and rinse units

  • Stands for loading and unloading on/from racks
  • Loading and unloading on manual carts outside of lines, carrying carts into lines
  • Roller tracks for racks transportation
  • Automated drum loading and unloading  of barrels
    • Lifting units
    • Tipping of pallets and boxes
    • Vibrating channel
    • Belt conveyors
    • Scales
  • Rack and barrel buffers 

We deliver our surface treatment lines with equipment which makes the process more effective and increases its quality.

  • Degreasing, cleaning and rinsing with ultrasound
  • Bath ejector agitation
  • Horizontal, vertical and two-dimensional rack movement, rack percussion and vibration
  • Diaphragm frames
  • Selective bath cleaning
  • Rinse water saving systems with controlled water flow
  • Rinse water circulation through ion exchangers
  • Tank and dryer covers
  • Heat recuperation from waste air


We use numerous recovery and recycling applications in order to reduce environmental pollution and consumption of chemicals

Used techniques:

  • Oil separation from degreasing baths – separators or microfiltration
  • Sludge removal systems
  • Bath regeneration with
    • Crystallization
    • Ion exchanging
    • Retardation
  • Bath recycling with the use of evaporators
    • Atmospheric
    • Vacuum
  • Precious metal extraction
  • Waste air cleaning with scrubbers

We deliver equipment for securing the operation of the line and facilitating the maintenance and control:

  • Chemical preparation units
  • Reserve tanks for
    • Baths
    • Chemicals
  • Automatic additives dosing
  • Online bath analysers
  • Dehydrogenation ovens
  • Demineralization stations
    • Ion exchangers
    • Reverse osmosis units
    • Reserve tanks for demineralised water
  • Air supply duct-work

Chemical and electrochemical surface pre-treatment

Surface pre-treatment prior to polishing, cold, forming, electroplating, galvanizing 
or paint coating as:

  • separate equipment
  • or as a part of the surface pre-treatment lines

We provide processes plants for:

  • cleaning & degreasing (chemical, electrolytic, ultrasonic)
  • pickling of steel, non-ferrous metal, light metal and their alloys
  • phosphating (zinc and multi-cationic, iron phosphating)
  • aluminium pre-treatment (chromate treatment, non-chromate conversion coatings)
  • stripping of paint, metal and alloy coatings

We deliver:

  • complete dipping lines and PT-Tanks
  • part of automatic surface treatment lines
  • pretreatment by spraying or/and dipping

Industrial cleaning machines

We supply:

machines for industrial cleaning and degreasing ev. including phosphating or passivation

cleaning machines by means of spraying, dipping and ultrasonic

designed as one box machines or multi-stage machines

We deliver:

  • continuous cleaning machines
  • chamber batch cleaning machines
  • rotation washing machines
  • spraying chambers
  • immersion table machines