• designed with dry filtration system – series USB – the booths are equipped with triple filtration system with possibility of extension using active carbon caskets
  • designed with water screen filtration – series TURBODYNACLEAN – the booths are equipped with water tank for separation system and sedimentation of the paint over-sprays; it operates without any circulation pump and does not require intensive maintenance
  • booths of both types are suitable for painting of small or large parts using different painting methods
  • depending on booth size operation can be used by one or two workers
  • all booth types can be used in continuous paint lines with overhead conveyers

Section paint booths

  • used mainly for painting of large parts
  • design provides booths with closed ceiling – especially for spraying and drying modes, or booths with open ceiling enabling manipulation with parts by means of cranes
  • over-spray paint is eliminated on dry filtration system – floor or lateral types, eventually on water screen filtration
  • depending on available area, the booths are designed as a sheet-metal panel constructions or integrated into the existing building however always equipped with air circulation system with possibility of heat recovery 

Paint booths for car repair services

  • designed for car body painting of passenger cars or smaller trucks and vans including painting of their parts
  • designed in a sheet-metal panel constructions or integrated into the existing building with dry filtration system placed in the floor or side panels
  • equipped with air circulation system which enables operation mode for painting/drying

Powder coating booths

  • booths are designed in a modular system with its basic part powder booth KAPR1
  • painting guns are either electrokinetic or electrostatic types with high voltage generator
  • workplace usually includes powder baking oven

Accessory equipment

  • volatilization tunnels – used for evaporation of residual organic agents after painting before drying off
  • dryers with transport system – roller conveyers, stick conveyers, floor conveyers etc.