Electroplating lines

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TESGAL-Holzapfel s.r.o., Vráble, Slovak Republic
Commercial Electroplating Plant for automobile components
Automatic Lines for alloy coatings Zn-Ni:
1) Pendant Line Zn-Ni
Fully Automatic Pendant Line – double-row, reversible. Transfer of goods in line is by means of overhead carriers, fitted with frequency converters and dripping trays. There are various options of conveyer travel and technology in accordance with goods recipes. Installation of the auxiliary anodes is for a high capacity output.
2) Barrel Line for collective Zn or Zn-Ni
The Line for Collective Electroplating consists of the tank part and the centrifugal part. Pre-treatment and own electroplating is carried out in the electroplating barrels with an automatic back wash and blow through inside. Finishing operations are then carried out in the separator stainless steel baskets. The automatic loading of barrels is carried out from newly developed filling hopper. There are two filling stations for various goods e.g. for various kinds of coating. The conveyers include the dripping trays.
3) Waste Water Treatment Plant
Waste water disposal from the existing and the newly installed technology lines. Fully automatic process control is with the visualization on the Touch panel. Modern disposal technology is including of a vacuum separator. Station output: approx. 10m3/hour.