Paint dipping lines

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BMW Motorrad, Berlín, Germany

E-Coating line and waste water treatment line

E-Coating line for continuous painting for motorbike frames and waste water treatment line

- 10-zone spray pretreatment with blow off
- 3-zone E-coat with blow off
- combination of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis for rinse liquid
- production after e-coating
- pretreatment and E-coat
- rinse system for minimalization of waste water volume
- option to apply two different coating thickness simultaneusly
- 4-zone curing oven
- thermal incinerator for cleaning exhaust air
- heat recovery for pretreatment
- Power&Free conveyor
- system for cleaning and recycling waste water
- Zero Liquid Discharge system
- vacuum evaporator
- reverse osmosis and mixbeds for production of demiwater