Effective, efficient and ecological solutions

We deliver our surface treatment lines with equipment which makes the process more effective and increases its quality.

  • Degreasing, cleaning and rinsing with ultrasound
  • Bath ejector agitation
  • Horizontal, vertical and two-dimensional rack movement, rack percussion and vibration
  • Diaphragm frames
  • Selective bath cleaning
  • Rinse water saving systems with controlled water flow
  • Rinse water circulation through ion exchangers
  • Tank and dryer covers
  • Heat recuperation from waste air


We use numerous recovery and recycling applications in order to reduce environmental pollution and consumption of chemicals

Used techniques:

  • Oil separation from degreasing baths – separators or microfiltration
  • Sludge removal systems
  • Bath regeneration with
    • Crystallization
    • Ion exchanging
    • Retardation
  • Bath recycling with the use of evaporators
    • Atmospheric
    • Vacuum
  • Precious metal extraction
  • Waste air cleaning with scrubbers